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In the Social Welfare Department every year cores of rupees is spent for the scholarships of the students. This website conveys detailed information about how the amount is spent so that one can easily know the public can evaluate amount spent is properly utilized or not. Through various security levels implemented the data is secure and can be modified by the authorized personnel only. A student can check the amount granted for him, directly from any where. The wide range of reports provided for the intradepartmental purpose facilitates the detailed financial analysis and provides real time information for policy makers on the fly.


This is authorized website for the Andhra Pradesh State Seed Development Corporation. This site is used to convey the complete information about the corporation to the people. The site is also used by the department for publishing the tenders which people can download for applying.


The site is intended to provide the complete information regarding different schools functioning under the society. Currently there are totally 294 schools all over the state in different districts. The website includes complete details of each school, which consists of the Student details, employee details and infrastructure details. The data is maintained under different security levels to avoid manipulation of the data. The data can be modified and updated by the authorized personal only. Regular viewers can view the data of any student, employee or about infrastructure in the hostel. This site has proved to be an excellent tool in evaluating the hostels. As the complete data is available online anyone can check the details and compare with the real time details about the hostel.


This is the official site for the Andhra Pradesh Official Language Commission. The website is completely developed in telugu and launched by then CM chandrababu naidu. The site consists of vast amount of data from the department. Different data like the departmental letters for government organization, cultural information and history of telugu language site etc., are maintained in the website.

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